“You can’t empower women without listening to their stories.”

 Gloria Steinem


Melanie Sheppard is an Australian writer, a story teller, a woman who believes in the synergies that can be created through the simple of act of sharing a story.

After spending the majority of her life in the corporate sector, Melanie’s life took a complete turn. She awoke one morning with the realization that she had no idea of who she was or where she was going, she just knew she was deeply unhappy. What followed that realization was a complete overhaul of her life.

She retuned home from Europe where she was living, went back to university to obtain her bachelors degree in Professional Writing and Publishing and embarked on a journey of self discovery. She soon realised that the path that she had taken was not dissimilar to that of so many other people and the more she wrote her story and exposed herself in her authentic form, the more real her life became.

Melanie is a single mother to two daughters, a proud feminist and a passionate activist and advocate for women’s rights and social justice. When not reading, writing or researching, she is also studying for her Masters in Human Rights