Love Wins

If there was one single word that could define elation, victory, vindication, happiness and relief all in one, it would describe the feeling in the air. The sky filled with rainbow colored powder and streamers, the screams of happiness meshed together with tears as we embraced each other. I looked around at my brothers and sisters as raw emotion poured from them. Every single person was united by one thing – love.

Finding My Way Back

They say that when we hit rock bottom there is only one way we can head and that is back up. What they don’t tell you is that this journey can be the most cathartic and authentic experience imaginable.

Is Forty the New Forty?

Many times I have been told that 40 is the new 30 but I choose to debunk this theory. We have worked darn hard to make it thus far and I want to own every scar, every sun mark, every anxiety attack and every cringe worthy memory I have because with it comes a beautiful wisdom.

International Womens Day

The loud voices of the oppressors wishing to maintain their status quo can be at times frightening. When women begin to challenge men they polarize their misconception of what is means to be a woman and it creates unease. Everything that they thought to be true is now being shattered like the glass ceiling placed over the heads of women.

When a Chair Is Not Just a Chair.

He positioned the chair next to their plastic outdoor setting and black ottoman and sat back to marvel at its beauty when my mother interjected. “It looks ridiculous,” she said confused, “why on earth would you buy it?”


Fifty-two Coffee's

This simple act became something I really looked forward to and became so much more that shouting someone a meal or coffee. For me it was a study in human nature, a break from technology and an opportunity to let someone know that they have been seen.

Is it any Wonder not all Survivors Report their Assault

In Australia, 93% of rapists are male, yet it seems that the onus to stop rape falls directly to women. Women shouldn’t flirt, women shouldn’t get drunk, women shouldn’t wear short skirts, or another argument I have heard recently is that women need to “clearly communicate consent,” suggesting that a simple ‘no’ is not enough.